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ThinkNext. ThinkNext. We propose delicious and healthy recipes.


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Planning cuisine specialized in food ThinkNext,Inc.

Our team provides a comprehensive range of services related to “food,” including planning healthy and delicious recipes, creating dishes and desserts, developing recipes, food photography and video production, coordination, nutritional calculation, product development, cooking classes, and even lectures on food education.

Our recipes and dishes are proposed by culinary researcher and nutritionist, Yasuko Imabeppu, based on menu ideas, cooking methods, original recipes tailored to corporate concepts, and recipes for medical or preventative health purposes, all using various food products that can be used by many people. We also specialize in developing healthy Japanese recipes for overseas companies, as well as gluten-free products using rice flour, and we are happy to accommodate requests from overseas.

Fermented seasonings derived from grains, such as miso, soy sauce, vinegar, and mirin, are deeply ingrained in the Japanese diet. Additionally, condiments like wasabi, mustard, ginger, and Japanese pepper enhance the richness of Japan’s culinary culture. We excel in creating recipes that incorporate these ingredients.

If you wish to create original recipes, videos, or photos that suit your image, please feel free to contact us.

Recipes that cater to diverse lifestyles and customers Our Recipes

We provide optimal recipe development tailored to your needs. Leveraging the expertise we have accumulated over the years, we create recipes that cater to diverse lifestyles and target markets. Through the development of original recipes that match your desired ingredients, themes, and corporate concepts, we support your business.